We left L`viv after an loverly breakfast and only a 200 click ride to the border , 100 of which would be through the Carpathian mountains , the weather could`nt make its mind up but in the end was ok , great ride in the mountains and as we were going to the southern border crossing very little traffic,

This border crossing is not used to seeing Brits here so it caused a bit of chaos, but it still only took about an hour , the Hungarian side we just sailed through , then it started to piss down , you need a vignette for here so popped into Tesco changed money and also got our vignette .We had planned on a wild camp but found a hotel for 10 euro a night each sorted !

As Rob was meeting his girlfriend in Budapest thats were we would part company we both planned our respective routes , oh and had beer and pizza

next day was dry and a fast ride to Buda, were we parted company, seams strange not to see rob in my mirrors ,