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Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 17:10:23

60 CLICKS out and a great early morning ride into the city ,, straight to the GEORGE HOTEL were the girls just said welcome back MR ZEBB “god you smell and fixed us up with a room (and a great shower ) ,The staff at the George are the best in the world , seams to be some football do on , we are the only Brits bar one Gordie ,so are the local celeb`s


We were told of a local bar that was styled on a underground resistance bunker , you just knock on the door a hatch opens and you have to say the password ,,, if you got it right the armed guard opens up gives you a shot of the local hooch and your in , IT`S REALLY COOOOL


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 17:02:21

Fantastic place just watch out for traffic police ,, FIRST NIGHT was the noisest wild camp i have ever stayed in (next to a coal mine ) and the coal crushing machine so up early and a 700 click ride to a motel which was a knocking shop, but less noise than a coal mine ,,

next day 600 clicks in and down a track to a lake camp , it looked ok at first every one friendly ,,just as Rob said the words THIS LOOKS QUIET ENOUGH everyone came out of the bushes, it rapidly turned into chaos The total lack of woman got me thinking what have we got into here the head man said dont worry i am security ???? lifts his t shirt and pats his gun holster !!!! it was empty“` more chaos as they all hunted for the lost gun (meanwhile the pissed up local village idiot was trying to shoot off his own toes) turned out to be a Ukrainian drinking den (dualing banjoes were running in our heads as we got the fuck out of Dodge)!! ended up in the usual car park

We never got any pulles from the police , they seam to have all got new cars and uniforms (i think me and Henry bought them with all the money they reamed out of us last year )


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:55:09

Great ride through the kursk region good roads plenty of sun and HOT HOT HOT

crossing into ukraine at the border was ok but the russian custom guy was a moron,


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:50:56

It took me ten years to get to Volgagrad but it was worth the wait ,, the statue of Mother russia is the Largest free standing building in the world ,

bloody site wont let me upload pic`s at the moment ,,, the ourage on mothers face has to to be seen to be belived ,, they lost 1million 240 thousand people in the fight for Stalingrad (we lost 600 thousand including civilians in the whole war) great city what a great time


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:37:11

The ride the next day was cool southern Russian people are far more friendly than in the North and any girl that feeds me is up with the best

ok site wont let me upload pic`s at the moment but you will be added


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:26:56

JUST HEARED BELLA`S OK SO IS NADINE good girls keep going , Debz and ian are strugling with shock problems if i could of contacted them maybe i could of brought there shock from moscow ?


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:22:53

Leaving Moscow was the usual 3 ring circus , maddness ,, but i loved it , the road was long and hot and we expected it to last 2 days, after many near misses with usual kamaz trucks we eventualy set up camp in a disused car park which seams to be the theme for this trip


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:15:10

Last day in Moscow “I BEAT JAMES BOND“` it took 2 years and 4 attempts but i finaly made it into the Kremlin


Travel Posted on Sun, June 24, 2012 16:11:00

OK 4PM in Laviv in the Ukraine (my best city ) 6 lagers in and loving it ,,,, but i have 2 weeks blog to catchn up on

so here we go