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Travel Posted on Sat, June 16, 2012 19:46:37

Just heard about belle`s accident in Kazakhstan anyone got an update?

is nadine ok?


Travel Posted on Sat, June 16, 2012 17:11:46

HOT HOT NEWS The MoscowTimes is reporting Kazakhstan , Tajikistan and Krgyzstan have passed laws to get rid of visas for most Eu countrys possibly as soon as July GREAT!!!!! oh shit what will i do a talk on at the Horizons next year to get my free ticket ,

OK up early head int RED SQUARE guess what? full off bloody scafolding again !!!another bloody event OH AND I BUMPED INTO UNCLE JOE


Travel Posted on Sat, June 16, 2012 16:45:40

The easy-est crossing ever 45mins, the insurance , took longer .

5 clicks in and it was a dirt road for 40kms but it was a good one only had to contend with the dust from 40 ton artics hammering towards you ,

a hard night in a Russian forest saw us hideing from the bugs in our tents Rob doesn`t beleave siberia is worse ,(but i declined to prove it to him on this trip)

Big thing for me i saw two wolves in the early hours of the morning first wild wolves i had ever seen ( they were a bit mingin though )

400 clicks to Moscow in a thunder storm and plenty of road works, we arrived at the Hotel soaked to the skin and covered in mud, reception just smiled and said welcome back zebb


Travel Posted on Sat, June 16, 2012 16:27:28

Crossed into latvia and the roads went down hill , i forgot how small a country it was,

stopped in a small village about 20 clicks from the northern border, we decided to hide in plane sight and put the tents up on a grass verge at the enternce to the village it wasn`t long befor the kids were over and rob went and played football with them (he was hammered ) Tony pettie from sebeski extream recomended the border crossing and he was right , 45mins and a lot of help you can also get insurance in the petrol station on the right after you get through the last barrier