Huzzar at last an internet connection we are on day 6 and in Lithuania at a great camp site ,

Day 1 dodged the rain to the chunnel , spent the night in calais and got bit by a poison spider , as you can see the cat was stressed out by the whole affair

Day 2, Blockhause , then off to Ypres to do the Menin gate thing .

Day 3, off to osterbeeke to the airborne museum then on to the Twente hdc rally

got the usual fantastic welcome of the girls , oh and we all got gassed by a gang that are robbing you in your sleep , must of pissed them off though i had invested all my money in Lager and would of slept through Thunderbird 2 hovering over my tent anyway.


Day 4 Germany / Poland 500mile and Fucked


DAY 5 poland 500 mile and even more Fucked

DAY 6 Great in Lithuania had a shower and some Beers hope we will get back to more normal blogs soon if not catch up in Moscow